Who We Are

Kriebel is a family owned business involved in the development and production of shallow conventional natural gas reserves. Developing Resources, Sharing Success is more than just our tag line, it is the motto by which we operate. We actively help owners of Natural Gas Mineral Rights earn an income from the gas reserves located on their land.

Consisting of Kriebel family members and key Kriebel employees, Kriebel includes the following entities that contribute to the remarkable track record of success for the family and its partners.

Kriebel Minerals Manages and oversees all operations. Kriebel Minerals is responsible for drilling and completing the wells, finding places to sell the gas, collecting the revenue for those sales, paying bills associated with the wells and sending out monthly cash distribution checks to our partners and mineral right owners.

Kriebel Well Services, Inc. Once a well is drilled and begins producing natural gas, Kriebel Well Services, Inc. maintains the well while safely producing throughout its life.

Kriebel Resources Co., LLC Once a proposed well site is located, Kriebel Resources Co., LLC obtains the rights and permits needed to drill at that location from the property owner and government to extract the natural gas with the utmost safety and within environmental guidelines. Once the well begins production, Kriebel Resources Co., LLC oversees the royalties, reserved gas for personal use, and other benefits the landowner may receive.

Kriebel Wells Controls all aspects of the business pertaining to the accounts of each outside investor. In addition to outside investors, Kriebel family and key Kriebel management personally invest substantial monies into each project.

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